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Thinking about becoming a Volunteer?

 Well if you've reached this page, I can already assume that I've sparked your interest.

Just who are the people that respond to the fires, accidents and medical emergencies? Well, they are people just like you....and the majority of them are volunteers giving their time and skill to help others in time of need. They are men and women from our community who have been trained to provide fire protection and medical assistance. They are neighbors helping neighbors.

You can make a difference

Your neighbors need your help. If their house caught fire, wouldn't you want to do more than just watch? Of course you would. So, can you fill the boots of a volunteer firefighter? Well if it weren't for volunteers, three fourths of the United States would be without adequate fire protection...including our community.

Few jobs offer the challenges, and rewards, that volunteer fire service, rescue and emergency medical services offer. But, this business is not for everyone. You need courage, dedication and a willingness to learn new skills. And, you need to be able to conquer new and diverse challenges. You must be team-oriented. This is not a business for show-offs or glory-seekers.

As a volunteer, you must meet certain requirements to even be accepted. Then you will be trained to react with confidence to all sorts of emergency situations...from childbirth to fire to hazardous spills.

The work is not all that glamorous either. It will be hot, sweaty, strenuous, dirty and often in hazardous situations.

But the rewards are incredible...if you consider respect and appreciation reward enough.

Saving a child from injury or possible death
Acting with courage in the face of danger.
Saving a neighbor's home from burning to the ground.
Saving a person who is having a heart attack.

These are the volunteer's rewards of personal satisfaction.

So, if you have the strong desire to help, and you believe that you have what it takes to meet the challenges, then stop by the fire station today. We have many programs to fit the person.

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Fire Explorers (ages 13-18)

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